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Demand for Indian Jute bags in the European market


Jute material is widely being used by the people in all over the world. It is an eco friendly and hygienic material which will never ruin the nature and preserves biodiversity. Jute is a material which is spun and prepared for use in knitting, weaving and sewing thread. Jute comes in varying weight and thickness which is being widely used in India and abroad for both sewing, tying and for a variety of industrial applications.

Jute yarn is used to satisfy many purposes. It is generally bleached, dyed, processed and it’s available in multi colors. It is really good to know that a cross section of people has taken action in preserving the atmosphere and taking jute bags to buy groceries.

The same change impacts the European countries and they have started import more than 40 million Indian jute bags in the financial year ended March 2009. Fabric manufacturers are expecting it to be increased to over 75 million bags by the year 2011-2012. The awareness against using plastic bags is increasing gradually in the European countries. Hence, it leads to a big scope for Indian jute bags globally. Due to the entry of big jute mills, the production of jute bags has been increased to a large extent in the last couple of years.

Indian manufacturers of jute bags have a great opportunity as they do not really have any healthy competition from other countries, not even from Bangladesh who are the big global manufacturer of jute. It opens up a new way to improve the Indian economy by producing jute bags.