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Throws are utilized for both decorative as well as functional purposes. They are mainly used to decorate each room in a house for any special occasions. Throws are soft and cozy in nature as they are made up of high quality materials. It spreads comfort and everlasting beauty to all the rooms and provides rich and fashionable look. Hence, it can also be called as decorative blankets. Bed throws are prepared using fine quality resources which are sometime act as rugs.


Our bed throws have high thread count (number of threads per square inch of material) which provides perfect softness. We provide large and different variety of bed throws that are available in large rectangular piece of cotton or linen cloth. Its available as geometrical, floral and plain pattern and very stylish designs. These are all available in different sizes and vibrant colors.


Fine weave textile provides you cotton and linen bed throws which comes in wide range of innovative designs. Our throws are very stylish and fulfill your decorative purposes. We offer Baby blanket throws, pillow throws, embroidered throws, throw rugs. You can even gift our throws to others as they are highly luxurious and available in multiple patterns. Generally, bed throws takes its own place in the national as well as the international market now days and this is the choice of number of people.