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Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are used to cover the mattress. They either sold individually or as a part of other bedding components. This is also called as bottom sheets. Fitted sheets are a big piece of cotton or linen material which comes in a huge amount of colors.

Fine Weave comforts you with the fitted sheets made up of high fabric material. We have used wide range of fabrics such as cotton, flannels, silks, satins etc to make fine fitted sheet which gives rich appearance to the bedding. Our product has 100% Eco friendly cotton fabric which is the leader of all the fabrics as the fitted sheet made up of cotton does not wrinkle as well as provides comfort in all seasons. Flannel sheet can be used only in the winter season. The trend of choosing the bed sheet is not only based upon the color, design, size and type but also based on the Thread Count.


We can see the thread count on the label of the fitted sheet. To identify the quality of the product, we have to look into the thread count before we buy. The fitted sheet which has the high thread count will provide you the high quality and make you feel pleasant comfort. All our products possess thread counts upto 1000.We are providing variety of products in a large selection of colors and sizes including Single, Double, small, large and extra large.