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Duvet Cover

Duvet is a light quilt with a washable cover. It can be used as a bedspread and top sheet . For proper care to your duvet, we provide duvet covers in a very elegant and sophisticated manner. These duvet covers are prepared from different kind of materials like silk, cotton and other linen. These duvet covers helps to preserve the comfort of duvet. At fine weave, we have  wonderful collection of luxury duvet covers based upon the designs and combinations which is easily available in the market.


Fine Weave duvet contains 100% pure cotton and silk fabrics. Our duvet covers are available in several sumptuous fabrics of varying colors to meet your specific bedroom decorative needs. We have a beautiful selection of duvet covers of  hygienic  fabrics such as organic cotton, silk and regular cotton. Our collections are widely chosen by our clients because of its high quality and durability. We provide Cotton Duvets, Silk Duvert Covers, Cotton Linen and Fiber Duvet Covers under this category.


  TC200 Percale Bamboo Fabric (70/30) Duvet Cover
  TC600 Percale Egyptian Cotton Fabric (100%) Duvet Cover
  TC250 Percale Lyocel Fabric (100%) Duvet Cover
  TC400 Percale US Pima Cotton Fabric (100%) Duvet Cover